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As a Phlenu Business member, enjoy the privilege of displaying your offerings on our international marketplace, reaching eager consumers in Ghana, Nigeria, and the USA. Bridge geographical boundaries with Phlenu.

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At Phlenu, we create a space for you to display your offerings to our existing user base, while also extending your reach to potential customers across local and international boundaries. Achieve visibility like never before with our innovative product-boosting feature.

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With Phlenu’s integrated chat feature, you can initiate immediate and direct communication with your customers, fostering stronger connections within the app itself.

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Empower your team by integrating them into your account for enhanced business management and to meet customer demands effectively. Exercise control over their permissions and access within the Phlenu Business app. Begin your journey towards streamlined business operations, today.

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Phlenu Business gifts you with a comprehensive dashboard, offering insightful snapshots of your business performance at a glance.

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Finalize your customers’ orders effortlessly and securely by scanning a unique QR code, bringing simplicity and safety into your business transactions with Phlenu.

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Foster effortless and constant communication with your customers via our intuitive chat feature, available anytime, any day. Bridge the distance with Phlenu.

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Running a team for your daily business operations? Phlenu Business grants you the capability to assign roles to your employees, all while preserving sensitive operational data. Divide responsibilities, safeguard information with Phlenu.

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Get more orders by boosting your product and services to a wider customer base via our boosting feature.

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With our minimal commission policy, we prioritize your profit. At Phlenu, we believe in fostering your business growth while ensuring you retain a larger portion of your earnings. Run your business more lucratively with us.