Your Business Beyond The Borders Of Ghana & Nigeria.

Sell in a secure marketplace

Phlenu Business gives you a platform to sell your products and services to only verified buyers with a secure in-app payment process which ensures smooth collection of all payments for your products and services

Get both local and international
customers from one place

As a Phlenu business member, you get to showcase all your products and services on our international market that serves a ready market in Ghana, Nigeria, and the USA.

Boost Your Products, Be more
visible to new customers

We make room for you to showcase your products and services to existing customers on our platform and potential customers both locally and internationally through our innovative boosting feature.

Connect instantly with
your customers

Our chat feature allows you to connect and communicate with your customers instantly and directly, right inside the app.

Need more hands to manage your
orders? Get your team on board!

Add your team mates to your account to help you manage your business and customer demands. Best part is, you get to manage what they can do and see, all within the Phlenu Business app. Take charge, today.

Friendly Dashboard For Your Business

Phlenu Business provides you with a dashboard that shows how your business is performing

Secure QR Code Scanning

Complete all your customers’ orders by securely scanning a unique QR code.

Keep In Touch With Your Customers With Chat

Communicate with your customers with ease via chat any day anytime.

Delicate Roles To Your Employees

Have a team that runs the day-to-day part of your business? Phlenu Business provides you the option of delegating roles to your employees without revealing critical operational data.

Boost Your Products & Services

Get more orders by boosting your product and services to a wider customer base via our boosting feature.

Enjoy Low Commissions

We keep our commission low so you get to keep more money in your pocket and run your business.