How it works

Let’s Show You How To Use Phlenu Shopping & Business In Easy Steps

Sign Up

The first step to using Phlenu’s application is to sign up for it. Whether you’re a merchant, a customer, or delivery personnel, you have to make an account to get started. 

Merchants create a custom business listing using Phlenu Business & Phlenu Business Manager. Delivery personnel creates their vetted profiles on Phlenu Delivery to get started with deliveries. Customers shop and place orders securely.

Customers find a variety of products and services on Phlenu.

As a customer, you place an order and receive a confirmation of your order. Your orders are handled through Phlenu’s end-to-end system. 

Delivery of your orders are available in two ways. Either the customer makes a purchases on Phlenu Shopping and redeems purchases it at the merchant location or they request delivery to have the item delivered at their door step. A customer also place a delivery request to have their items picked up and dropped off at their convenience.

Merchant, Staff, or delivery driver verifies the purchase by scanning the QR code with their smartphone and completing the order. It makes the delivery and transaction process more secure and safe for either party involved.

Once the customers order is delivered, both delivery personnel and merchants receives their payments in ther bank accounts or mobile money wallet.