Frequently Asked Questions

How do the apps work?

The three apps work to complement each other. The Phlenu Business App (for merchants) helps merchants to list and manage their products, the Phlenu App (for consumers) helps consumers all over the world to purchase from their favorite merchants and have these items delivered by riders who are on the Phlenu Delivery App.

Does an order made go to the merchant or come directly to Phlenu?

All orders made go directly to the merchant involved.

How do merchants receive their payments?

Payments for items sold are made into Merchant’s Phlenu account after each transaction is completed. A transaction is deemed complete after the item’s QR code is successfully scanned. The merchant is allowed to cash out this money after 5 working days.

What is Phlenu’s marketing strategy?

Phlenu has a lot of strategies for promoting its customer app to get more subscribers who in turn get access to listings made available by merchants

Where is Phlenu located ?

Phlenu is headquartered in Chicago, USA and has offices in Ghana and Nigeria.

What is Phlenu’s policy on refund?

Refunds are handled by the merchant. Once the merchant initiates a refund, the money is automatically debited to the customer’s account in 5 business days.

What if there’s transactional error how do we get customers their money back? Is customer service available 24/7?

Phlenu is always on hand and delighted to assist it’s customers. Leave us a message and we’ll be glad to reach back within 24 hours.

How do I make a listing as a merchant?

Listings can be made via the Phlenu Business Manager(PBM) , a web portal accessible via the settings tab of the Phlenu Business App. Once in PBM, on the left pane you should see “Products” or “Deals” listed as part of the menu items. Use this to create your listing successfully. Remember to use the “Add Options” for product/deal variants.

How do I qualify to sign up as a Phlenu merchant?

As a Phlenu merchant, you need to have your business registered with the Registrar General’s Department with business certificates to show. Your business also needs to fall within one of Phlenu’s current categories.

What’s needed to successfully sign up and be verified as a merchant?

You will need your business certificate and a valid national ID CARD to be successfully verified as a merchant.

Why do I have to upload my business certificate and ID card

For security reasons and to build trust of esteemed customers who seek to buy quality products or get quality services from verified merchants.