Convenient Event Ticketing Any Day, For All Occasions.

My Events Security Improved!

It was nice generating tickets from Phlenu Business. It really added that spice to my valentine's events and added security/crowd control due to its scannable ticket feature. ~Angels Travels (Lagos)

Flexible Ticketing Solution

I will give a 5-star rating to the Phlenu Events ticketing solution as it gave me the ability to effectively customize my event tickets.~Tee Media (Lagos)


The phlenu business app for event organizers and promoters is easy to use and has everything a show promoter needs to market, sell and generate scannable tickets for their shows/events. ~Festus O.

How You Like Am? Online/Offline Tickets? We Dey For You!

Generate both online and offline tickets for all your events on Phlenu Business. 

Our ticketing platform allows you to generate custom-made and unique tickets for every event.

Security With Accountability

Our in-app scanning feature allows you to track the number of tickets issued and also verify all sold tickets for your events, leaving no room for uninvited guests. 


It’s time to take full charge of your events now!

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